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In 2007, Cynthia offered to help a longtime family friend downsize from a large home to a smaller one situated in a local independent living community. The amount of planning and logistics required surprised her. There were closets to be combed through and storage units to be emptied, never mind a lifetime’s worth of furniture, books and precious mementos to be looked through. Cynthia wound up taking on pre-move duties – such as recording the household inventory,  appraising, selling or donating household items and furniture, sorting through documents, files and photographs – and then she followed by coordinating the move itself from start to finish. What began as a thoughtful gesture turned into a long, multi-pronged project. More importantly, it planted the seed for a new – many would say necessary – idea: Transitions, Making Moves Manageable.  Since then, Cynthia has phased out the company’s moving services to focus on estate project management. The company’s new name, Transitions Estate & Personal Property Management, reflects that change.

A Houston native, Cynthia lives in her hometown and maintains close family ties and friendships throughout the area. She studied Interior Design at Louisiana State University before developing and honing her expertise with stints at Sotheby’s in London, England; the National Gallery of art in Washington, DC; and a fine arts non-profit in New York City. As a past member of the International Society of Appraisers with a specialty in antiques and residential contents, she is uniquely qualified to ensure that any cherished heirlooms and treasures remain within the family. Over the years, Cynthia has worked with and developed an extensive network of appraisers and dealers around the U.S. Through those experts, she remains apprised of the current market for antiques and objets d’art.




Suzanne F. McCrary is a native Houstonian, who has been active over the years in community and charity work, politics and business. While her degree is in Radio and Television, she opted early on to pursue a career in real estate. Even as she worked to establish herself in Houston’s real estate community, Suzanne was already testing the entrepreneurial waters. In 1979, she opened a specialty clothing boutique for women and then sold it five years later. In the early 1990s, she took over the care of her godmother, became a trustee on her godfather’s estate and eventually an executor of both of their estates. 

The knowledge and practical experience she acquired during that time – working with attorneys, accountants, appraisers, realtors and other professionals – proved invaluable. One thing became crystal clear: Families needed and wanted help finalizing their estates or those of their loved ones. So in 2014, she approached Cynthia Williams George about launching a new business service together, one that would complement Cynthia’s already established connections.


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