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Few things in life are more difficult than losing a loved one. That loss is often magnified when a family member is named executor of the estate, as the process of administering and closing an estate can be time-consuming, complex and emotional. 

If the heirs or executor live out of town, that can also make the situation more challenging. Most people can’t leave their jobs and families for two or three weeks, which is frequently the amount of time it takes to inventory an estate and parcel out any items to designated heirs; sort through and sell or donate certain household goods and furniture; and close or sell any property.

That’s where Transitions Estate & Personal Property Management comes in. We specialize in coordinating and managing the various aspects of administering an estate. Our expertise ensures that every requirement and responsibility will be met, on time and on budget. Importantly, we are bonded and insured. Rest assured, we have very clear policies concerning conflicts of interest If, for example,  one of our employees or collaborative partners wants to acquire a piece of furniture, a work of art or jewelry from an estate client of ours, we bring in the appropriate outside appraiser or dealer to determine fair market value of the item or items in question. From the outset, we make it clear that special  price “deals” are off the table. That’s against company policy. Moreover, we keep records of all our client conversations in writing; we retain emails and copies of invoices, and we are always ready to confirm with documentation any work done on behalf of an executor or trustee.

We are always careful to work with employees and associates who are experts in their field and who understand the importance of excellent service.  Even so, we provide management oversight on every project to ensure that our clients’ expectations are met at every level. We maintain the highest ethical standards, and we expect those who work for and with us to adhere to those standards. After all, we are only as good as our reputation. That’s why we work exclusively with contractors whose track record underscores their integrity, their experience and the quality of their work. 


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