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If you are an attorney whose practice focuses on probate, estate planning or estate and trust administration, then you understand exactly how time-consuming it can be to settle an estate.

Every client matters, every client is important. But there are only so many hours in a day or a week, and estates come in different shapes and sizes. Some need more attention, while others might require a great deal more paperwork or a specific expertise in foreign assets. Few estates are the same, but most require more than just a signature on the dotted line. 

At Transitions Estate & Personal Property Management, we understand that your time is valuable and better spent addressing complex legal issues. To that end, we can save you and your staff time by coordinating and managing many of the tasks involved in administering and closing out an estate. 

Our expertise ensures that every requirement and responsibility will be met on time, on budget and according to a strict ethical code. Not only are we bonded and insured, but we also have established very clear policies concerning conflicts of interest. If, for example,  one of our employees or collaborative partners wants to acquire something from an estate client of ours, we bring in the outside appraiser or dealer to determine fair market value of the item or items in question. From the outset, we make it clear that special  price “deals” are off the table. That’s against company policy.  Moreover, we keep records of all our client conversations in writing; we retain emails and copies of invoices, and we are always ready to confirm with documentation any work done on behalf of an executor or trustee.

While our employees and associates are all experts in their field, we continue to provide management oversight on each project to ensure our clients’ expectations are met at every level. We maintain high standards, and we expect those who work for and with us to adhere to those standards. After all, we are only as good as our reputation. For this reason, we work exclusively with contractors whose track record underscores their integrity, their experience and the quality of their work. 



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