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* Following the death of a wealthy Texas oil magnate, we were called in to sort through the residence, which was in a restricted neighborhood and still full of personal belongings. Time was of the essence, as the house had gone on the market and sold, with an anticipated closing in three weeks. Together with one of our service collaborators, we organized a private sale in order to maximize income to the estate. 

* In another private sale also held in a restricted neighborhood, we discovered a rare and historically significant vase. Knowing that the market for this antiquity would be international, we alerted the co-executor, and it was consigned to a local auction house, where it sold for a record $930,000. Click here to read the article.

* We worked with an estate that included two separate apartments in a high-rise building, three storage units and a large country property outside Houston. The apartments housed numerous valuable items, including French antiques; all of the properties contained important paperwork that had to be reviewed in order to find documents vital to the disposition of the estate. Most items were sold privately to antiques dealers and individuals.

*  When the last member of a well-known, longtime Houston family passed away, we were brought in to sort through furniture, sterling silver, antiques, automobiles and more. Through a colleague, we arranged for a private sale of some of the items. Once that was accomplished, we cleared out what was left and maintained the property until it sold.


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